Brees winning with his stats today

With a win over Tampa Bay(42-17), Drew seems unstoppable. Does Peyton Manning breaking his record fuel him through this game? Or could it be the lost the team have taken the last couple of weeks? Whatever it is, lets hope the team can keep this going through the playoffs to make a run. Check out […]

December 2013 by Craig Lee

Saints Shutout Buccaneers

Brees threw 4 touchdowns and Josh Freeman threw 4 interceptions. The Saints put up 41 points while Tampa Bay could manage none.  It was a big a blowout you could imagine, of course besides the Arizona-Seattle game a couple of weeks ago.  It’s a little late to stage a comeback, but New Orleans fans can […]

December 2012 by Ben King

Saints Lose Again

The end of the season is starting to look like how it started.  This time with playoffs at a long shot and they only way to stay alive is with a win, they get dominated by the New York Giants.  The Giants put up 52 points to the Saints 27, scoring with ease each and […]

December 2012 by Ben King

Brees’ Streak Ends; Saints Lose

Well this one could not have gotten much worse for Saints fans.  In an absolute must win scenario, Drew Brees had one of the worst games of his career.  He ended his all time record of games with a TD tonight against the division rival Falcons.  Not only did he not reach the endzone, he […]

November 2012 by Ben King

Saints Fall 31-21

It was back and forth in the first half, but Drew Brees made some mistakes and the Saints ended up losing the game.  Overall this looked like one of Brees early games this season.  He still threw for 267 yards and 3 scores, but also threw two costly interceptions that both went back for touchdowns. […]

November 2012 by Ben King

Saints Stay Alive In Playoff Race

New Orleans improved to .500 for the first time this season and did so with a dominant effort in Oakland.  The Raiders have been pretty abysmal this season after a series of injuries, but the Saints did a great job of never allowing them in this game.  Brees and the offense got it going early […]

November 2012 by Ben King

Saints Beat Undefeated Falcons

If anything, the Saints proved that they can still compete with the NFL elite.  To me, It makes me even more frustrated that the start of the season was so bad.  After that 0-4 start, the Saints are 4-1, and arguably the hottest team in the NFL.  The question becomes, is it a little bit […]

November 2012 by Ben King

New Orleans Tops Eagles

Every time I write them off, they drag me back in.  I’m not saying the Saints will make the playoffs, or even that they have a good chance too, but with another win they stay alive.  they now stand at 3-5, with all three wins coming in their last four games.  This game was by […]

November 2012 by Ben King

Peyton Out Duels Brees

This was a similar game than any other we have seen this season.  The only difference was that Drew Brees didn’t perform up to par in this one.  He played his most poor game all season, completing just over half of his passes for 213 yards and 2 scores to go along with a pick. […]

October 2012 by Ben King

Saints Win Again

The Saints score looked just as it has all season.  For their sake, the last two have come out with them on top.  This time they beat the Bucs 35-28 in another shootout.  Here is what we know about New Orleans so far this year.  Their offense is very good, and the production comes almost […]

October 2012 by Ben King