Saints release LB Victor Butler and Others

One year ago, the New Orleans Saints signed veteran linebacker Victor Butler with the hope he could rejuvenate their defense. He has yet to play a single down for the Saints, with many speculating on when he would make his ‘big impact’. However, according to Kristian Garic of 870 WWL in New Orleans, the Saints […]

August 2014 by Brandon Moffet

New Orleans Saints Preseason Concerns

New Orleans Saints training camp is in full swing. I’m not a big training camp fan. The years I spent leaving work early to watch practices thinking Aaron Brooks was going to the Hall of Fame only to watch him flame out year after year taught me that every player looks pretty good in practice. […]

August 2014 by Clifton Harris

Happy Birthday #9 !

One of the most proficient quarterbacks to play the game turns 36 today! With so many records broken, at times it seems like Brees is his own competition. Fans have witnessed games where Brees has shattered his own achievements and challenges himself. A man of selflessness and not of selfishness, Brees has recently stated that […]

January 2014 by Craig Lee

Brees winning with his stats today

With a win over Tampa Bay(42-17), Drew seems unstoppable. Does Peyton Manning breaking his record fuel him through this game? Or could it be the lost the team have taken the last couple of weeks? Whatever it is, lets hope the team can keep this going through the playoffs to make a run. Check out […]

December 2013 by Craig Lee

Saints’ Drew Brees holds out for favorable long term contract

The New Orleans Saints’ Drew Brees has refused to sign a franchise tag and participate in training camp as long as the team does not agree to his negotiated long-term contract. As the July 16th deadline draws closer negotiations are in high gear for NFL teams and Drew Brees is just one more player who […]

July 2012 by saints360

NFL Bounty Evidence Questioned by Anthony Hargroove

Anthony Hargroove, the former defensive end for the New Orleans Saints who is facing an eight-game ban for allegedly participating in the bounty case that has been an issue recently is questioning the NFL Films video that was used to evidence his participation in the program. The video in question does not have Hargroove’s voice, […]

June 2012 by saints360

Sean Payton gets One Year Suspension in Bounty Case

The New Orleans Saints head coach Sean Payton has been suspended for one year due to his role in the bounty system that encouraged defensive players to inflict injury on opposing players and rewarding them for it.  Sean Payton, who earns approximately $7.5 million per year, will go unpaid for the whole year because suspension […]

March 2012 by saints360

Saints’ Drew Brees sure franchise!

The NFL season is to begin on September 5th with the Saints taking on the super bowl champion NY Giants. The NFL changed the first game to one day prior to accommodate President Barack Obama’s address to the democratic national convention. The first order of business will be to re-sign franchise quarterback Drew Brees. The […]

February 2012 by saints360

Welcome to the New Orleans Saints 360 Blog

Hello Saints fans, and welcome to the New Orleans Saints 360 Blog. My name is Chris Caruso and I will be blogging about everything Saints related for this 2011-2012 NFL season. Well here we are on the eve of Opening Night and the Saints have a big game ahead of them. They will be pitted […]

September 2011 by saints360