Welcome Back Zach Strief

After weeks of deliberating as what the Saints should do in the departure of veteran RT Zach Strief, the team decided that it was best to bring the team captain back. On Monday, Strief and the Saints struck a 5 year, $20.5 Million deal with $8.4 Million guaranteed.

Statistically Zach Strief was considered to be the best RT in the NFL last season. After playing 1,213 snaps for the team last season (including playoffs) Strief only allowed 4 sacks and only committed 5 penalties. Now if there was a problem with Strief it was his inconsistency with giving QB Drew Brees more time in the pocket. Strief allowed a total of 29 QB Hurries last season.

Bringing back a team captain is always a good thing. Especially when your only feasible alternative is to draft an OT that’s really and unknown. The Saints know what they’re getting from Strief, a veteran, a leader, an extremely solid blocker, and the best RT in the NFL.

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