Meet The Prospect: TCU CB Jason Verrett

Even after a great season and an immensely improved defense, the New Orleans Saints still have some holes to fill on that side of the ball. The most apparent is that at CB opposite free agent acquisition Keenan Lewis. This is where TCU CB Jason Verrett comes into play.

Verrett may not have the size of a Richard Sherman or a Patrick Peterson, but he makes up for it with uncanny ball skills and great technique. At 5’10” 175lbs. Verrett has the speed needed to keep up with some of the better slot receivers and faster receivers in the league.

More and more teams are turning to WRs like Steelers Emmanuel Sanders, Bills Marques Goodwin, Raiders Denarius Moore, and Cardinals Andre Roberts as their “x-factor” playmakers. Every team needs a CB to counteract that, and Verrett would be a perfect fit. Outside of his outrageous speed, Verrett has quick hips and surprisingly does very well when playing against the run. On the downside, Verrett has taken some chances on balls that he should’ve played conservatively. He has a playmaker’s mentality and sometimes misjudges plays but with that risk comes reward. Verrett had six interceptions, 16 pass breakups, and 63 total tackles. Not bad for someone his size.

Verrett is a versatile corner, he has the ability to line up in press, off, and even zone coverage and play each effectively. Don’t let his size put you off, he’s a fiery competitors mad will even line up against bigger receivers and defend them well. As the 3rd ranked CB on my personal draft board, I see Verrett being the perfect for for the Saints defense. Moving Corey White to FS for a departing Malcolm Jenkins and relieving the pressure of Patrick Robinson as a starting CB. Jabari Greer’s injury may have ended his time as a Saint, and Robinson is more suited to play against smaller slot receivers anyway.

The likelihood that the Saints select Verrett with the 28th pick in May’s NFL Draft are high. Personally, I would say it’s an 85% chance. Great #2 CB to compliment Keenan Lewis who’s emerging as a shutdown CB.

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