Hybrid Graham

One of the most dynamic receivers the Saints have ever had, is Jimmy Graham. Brees could always count on Jimmy finding his way to an open spot on the field to capitalize on essential yardage gain. I mean come on now, who wouldn’t want to have a receiver like Graham on their team? You never know what he might do in a game. The 27 year old Tight End is not fond of the idea of having a franchise tag on himself. The guy is a franchise player and has proven that with his 2013 stats. Jimmy had a great game at the Pro-Bowl so it’s interesting to see what teams took a sight at that.


What do you perceive a player like Jimmy Graham to be? He’s not exactly a wide receiver; marked as a tight end though. You may want to consider him a hybrid player who cannot be labeled. A player of this caliber is dangerous because of how much speed he builds up by the time he catches that 3rd step. A cornerbacks worst nightmare and certainly hard to take down once he’s got the ball in his hands. So what does the future hold for Graham? Don’t put any tags on him yet.


  • 86 receptions
  • 1,215 yards
  • 16 touchdowns

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