Thank You Joe Lombardi

In case you haven’t heard, the Saints lost a member of the coaching staff earlier this week. QB Coach Joe Lombardi left the team for a better opportunity as the new Offensive Coordinator for the Detroit Lions.

Lombardi spent the past 7 seasons cultivating his skills alongside QB Drew Brees and learning under Head Coach Sean Payton. He’ll inherit an offense that has some very good pieces in Calvin Johnson, Matt Stafford, and will be reunited with former Saints RB Reggie Bush.

Lombardi will attempt to better the already hefty numbers of QB Matt Stafford who’s coming off his third consecutive season with 4,500-plus passing yards. The wrap with Stafford is his inability to stay away from mistakes, and who better to fix that than a coach who’s former QB has one of his best statistical years ever.

There are several comparisons between Brees and Stafford that Lombardi will find comforting. Both have big arms that don’t ever seem to get tired or go dead. Both QBs have a litany of targets to work with and good pocket presence as well. The advantages that Stafford has over Brees are the fact that Stafford is 6’3″ 235lbs and will be 26 by the time next season starts.

There’s still a lot of potential to Stafford’s game and with an OC like Lombardi and an offensive minded Head Coach like Jim Caldwell, the stock of the Lions will only go up from here. Which doesn’t necessarily bode well for the Saints.

All the same, congratulations to Joe Lombardi and thank you for the years. Sooner or later we may have to start talking about a Sean Payton coaching tree.

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