Quick Thought: Why the Saints Will Shock Seattle

Yesterday, a few friends and myself were in a conversation as to how the Saints can shut down Russell Wilson. Of course Wilson is a tough QB to shut down with his dual threat abilities, but an interesting point was made. One of my colleagues suggested making Russell Wilson throw short and intermediate routes to the middle of the field.

“He’s short, he won’t be able to see over our big defensive linemen, especially if they have their hands up.” This made me ponder as to how Russell Wilson’s season breakdown of passing yards looked. I found out that the majority of his passes are either outside the hash marks or outside the tackle box. It’s rare that he throws to the short middle of the field. The few times that he has, his numbers haven’t been very good.

If the Saints can force Wilson into the short, middle and shut down Marshawn Lynch again then this should be the shock of the playoffs.

My prediction Saints win 21-17.

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