Wild Card Review: Saints vs. Eagles

Well, lets notch another historic win in the Saints young playoff career. First playoff road win, and they executed the exact way they needed to execute by running the football and getting first downs. Initially the team attempted to continue the moniker of being aggressive and throwing it downfield, but when  you throw two early interceptions it seems to change that game plan. Luckily the Saints were able to rebound from those early mistakes and run the ball on a lightweight defensive line.

Mark Ingram amassed 97 yards and a touchdown on 18 carries, his second highest yardage total in his NFL career. Ingram has shown flashes of solid play in his 3 year career. This is his time to breakout and make some serious noise and put the team on his back all the way to the Super Bowl. It also helps that the team gained 185 total rushing yards, amongst the highest in team playoff history.

It wasn’t just Mark Ingram who shined offensively though. The unit as a whole was in good shape, gaining twenty-six first downs and going 7-13 on 3rd down conversions. All factors, including a great defensive effort on stopping LeSean McCoy, led to a convincing victory.

Next the Saints get ready for a well rested Seattle Seahawks team who they played abysmally against earlier this season on Monday Night Football. Everything in my expertise tells me that this time is going to be a little different. Get ready for a big playoff surprise this Saturday.

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