Squandered Opportunity: Saints Playoff Chances

This absolutely kills me. The win was in hand and the team was ready to get out of Carolina with the victory and the NFC South title. Now the Saints need help just to get into the playoffs. Of course if they win then they’re in, but if they want the #2 seed then they’d have to win against Tampa Bay Sunday, and Carolina would have to lose against Atlanta who just lost a heartbreaker against the San Francisco 49ers.

Offensively the Saints did good with 365 total yards, and 126 rushing yards. They only had four penalties for 40 yards and ruled the T.O.P. with 38:48 to Carolina’s 21:12. Saints almost doubled the Panthers in plays 81 to 44 and doubled them in first downs 20 to 10. And to lose within the last minute of the game after dominating the Panthers offense and shutting down Cam Newton completely is just heart shattering.

Quite frankly it’s an unsavory situation that the Saints are in and you have to wonder of it’s just time to look forward to next season regardless if they make the playoffs or not. I hate to sound pessimistic, but it’s time to soon look forward to next season and the upcoming NFL Draft and most importantly free agency. Time to look for a 20+ carry RB and to add depth to the defense. Next season needs to be better, plain and simple. No need to leave doubt as to who’s the best team in the NFC next year.

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