Gameday Review: Saints vs. Rams

Do I really have to give a review of this monstrosity? It was by far the worst game the Saints have played, in terms of effort, all year long. The offensive gameplan was predictable, the defensive scheme was porous and at times the defense looked as if they had reverted back to arm tackling again. This game had “trap game” written in the snow in front of the Gateway Arch!

There were simply no highlights for the Saints. Not even with Drew Brees throwing for almost 400 yards. The rushing attack was (again) nonexistent. Saints complied a grand total of 61 rushing yards which played right into the hands of what the Rams wanted the Saints to do. Pass the football. When you play a team with an emerging pass rusher like the Rams have in Robert Quinn and decent secondary players like T.J. McDonald, Trumaine Johnson, and Janoris Jenkins then it’s quite impossible to win games like that. Let’s not forget about the LB James Laurinitis, LB Alec Ogletree, DE Chris Long, and DT Michael Brockers. That defense is built for future success.

Kellen Clemens did exactly what he was supposed to do by managing the game. Clemens was 14/20 for 158 yards, but Zac Stacy went off on Rob Ryan’s new defense. Stacy racked up 133 rushing yards by plowing through the aforementioned arm tackles and blowing by the slow Saints secondary. Couple that with the aggressive play calling of reportedly bitter Head Coach Jeff Fisher because of Rob Ryan quitting the Rams and coming to the Saints as the defensive coordinator.

Give the Rams credit though, they made an upper echelon team like like they weren’t prepared and didn’t make any halftime adjustments. The pass rushing skills of Robert Quinn are legit! As Well as the coverage skills of just about everyone in that young Rams secondary. If Sam Bradford can come back next season and find a way to 1.) stay healthy, 2.) play better, and 3.) be consistent with the improved play then this Rams team could be a legitimate playoff contender.

And to think, just a few years ago people were saying the NFC West was the worst division in the NFL, man have all those teams proved people wrong.

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