Gameday Review: Saints vs. Panthers

Well, tonight gave us several reasons why we love Drew Brees. First he becomes the 5th QB in NFL history to throw for 50,000 yards, and he did it in the shortest amount of games. Second, no matter his height he will always find the open WR. Third, he’s just an all around great QB.

Great game by the offensive line, standing up to the Carolina pass rush, good game by the RBs on picking up extra blitzers in pass protection as well. Slightly surprised to see that the Saints finished with 69 rushing yards, most of which came from Darren Sproles and his 38 yard run. Good to see Marques Colston have a big game ending his night with 9 receptions, 125 yards, and 2 touchdowns. The Panthers secondary was exposed for it’s weakness. The secondary is normally disguised my that great front 7 they have, but today the front couldn’t generate a pass rush and Drew Brees just went to work on them.

Defensively, yet another great game by Rob Ryan and his group. The defensive line did a great job stopping the run for the most part and putting the Panthers offensive line on skates all night long. Big game for both Junior Gallette and Cam Jordan who had 3 and 2 sacks respectively. They kept Cam Newton in the pocket by collapsing it with those two plus Akiem Hicks up the middle. The defense played fast, loose, and made plays all over the place. They didn’t allow the Carolina to break open the game with a big play and only allowed 239 yards of offense from the Panthers.

All around good game by the Saints. All is well in Who Dat Nation tonight. Time to get ready for the pesky St. Louis Rams.

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