Seahawks WR Harvin Doubtful for Monday Night

Reported yesterday, Seattle Seahawks WR Percy Harvin suffered a setback in his surgically repaired hip and is ruled doubtful for the “game of the year” against the 9-2 New Orleans Saints.

The injury will lessen the versatility of the Seahawks offense and will more than likely bring more targets for #2 WR Golden Tate. Tate stepped up big for the Seahawks when WR Sidney Rice fell to injury and was lost for the season. The games between Rice’s injury and Harvin’s return were very crucial for Seattle and Tate definitely stepped up to fill the void as best as possible.

Look for the Saints to give Golden Tate some extra attention and try to force Russell Wilson to use WRs Doug Baldwin and Jermaine Kearse to beat them.

And let’s not forget about that running game either. Harvin’s injury is a big one, but it won’t stop Seattle from giving it everything they have to win.

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