DE Cam Jordan fined 10k

Reported earlier today,  New Orleans DE Cam Jordan was fined $10,000 for a roughing the passer hit last week on Falcons QB Matt Ryan. Ironically enough there was a similar hit on Ryan from DE Akiem Hicks in the same game and no fine or flag was thrown. There are some clear inconsistencies when it comes to the ruling of roughing the passer and what should be considered as roughing and what shouldn’t be.

Jordan came out earlier today and said he understands why the fine was levied although he’s doesn’t remember being too physical or too rough with Matt Ryan. The hit from Hicks seemed to be much more severe and like it would immediately get a fine and a flag.

I’m uncertain why one was a flag and the other was a fair play. Clearly there needs to be some continuity on how these plays are going to be called all the way across the board. Definitely something that needs to be considered at the owners’ meetings next offseason.

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