Saints Prepare for San Francisco


Photo by: Tony Medina/Icon SMI

In what is a huge game for the Saints looking to keep their playoff hopes afloat, all reports have been on who is starting at QB for the 49ers.  Most signs point to second year dual threat Quarterback Colin Kaepernick after his dominating effort against the Bears Monday night.  Alex Smith has been out with a concussion, but has recently been cleared to play.  For New Orleans, it may not matter who is throwing the ball as they have struggled to stop anyone in the air.

If their is some bright side to this matchup, San Francisco isn’t really a high powered offense no matter who is throwing the ball.  They rely heavily on the run with Frank Gore and Kendall Hunter leading the way.  That will continue to be the case, and if it isn’t they usually aren’t playing too well.  However, Kaepernick clearly has the bigger arm and is more capable of big plays with this offense.  With Randy Moss, Michael Crabtree, Mario Manningham, and Vernon Davis, this team clearly has plenty of weapons to get going through the air.  However, I do believe staring a guy with only one start under his belt is good news for New Orleans.  The defense gives up yards to anyone tossing the football, but they feast off mistakes.  Of the two, I’d say Kaepernick is more likely to throw an interception or two in this contest.

This is a very important game for New Orleans who have won 4 of their last 5 games.  That includes wins against Atlanta and Tampa Bay, who have been very good this season. They have the talent to compete with the Niners, but do they have the poise?  All answers will be available after the two face off this Sunday afternoon.

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