Up Next: Struggling Oakland


Photo by: Daniel Gluskoter/Icon SMI

The Raiders are nursing a ton of injuries and their play has suffered because of that.  A team looking to bring it all together this year has been derailed, and now look at a 3-6 record.  Top offensive player Darren McFadden is out with a high ankle sprain and so is his backup Mike Goodson.  That has left a poor running game in even worse situation.  Baltimore took full advantage of that last Sunday in an absolute domination of a game.

The Raiders run their attack through Carson Palmer.  The veteran QB has thrown for a ton of yards, but has made his fair share of mistakes.  Forcing to pass it up to 50 times a game, and sometimes more, will lead to some mistakes.  Of course, it also means you are likely playing from behind.  Darrius Heyward Bey and Denarius Moore are both decent receivers, but neither is likely to torch you consistently.

New Orleans needs to be able to slow down this passing attack, though.  It won’t be easy to keep them off the scoreboard, but to limit to their damage to field goals and the Saints will be in a good position.  The Raiders defense isn’t awful, but are in no way capable of shutting down Drew Brees.  With Oakland in a full downward spiral likely, I think New Orleans takes this game.  With this win they could be back to .500 with the playoffs still very much in sight.

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