New Orleans Tops Eagles


Photo by: Chris Keane/Icon SMI

Every time I write them off, they drag me back in.  I’m not saying the Saints will make the playoffs, or even that they have a good chance too, but with another win they stay alive.  they now stand at 3-5, with all three wins coming in their last four games.  This game was by far their best defensively, holding the Eagles to just 13 points.  The Saints offense wasn’t as explosive, but they were consistent and effective.  They scored only 21 points, with the other TD coming on a 99 yard INT return.

Drew Brees had 239 yards and a couple of scores.  A bit a slow day for him, but he got the job done without throwing an INT.  He did fumble once, but Philly couldn’t take much advantage of either Saints turnovers.  They also used a bit more of a running attack than they have in previous games.  Thomas, Ingram, and Ivory each rushed for at least 44 yards.  It was a well balance attack that would be welcome change in the future.  Of course, that all depends on if the defense can top anyone.

In this game, the defense held up pretty well.  They allowed a ton of rushing yards, 221 in fact, with McCoy, Brown, and Vick all racking up the yards with ease.  Vick also had 272 yards through the air.  So how did they only end up with 13 points?  Well Vick threw an INT early in the game in the red zone.  Later in the game, Celek coughed up another ball in the end zone after a long drive.  They settled for two short field goals that probably should have been converted into TD’s.  Vick was sacked 7 times, 3 by Jordan and an additional 2 by Will Smith.  This was some classic New Orleans defense.  They gave up a ton of yards, and certainly didn’t look dominant.  They were able to get the job done though, through turnovers and winning the battle in the red zone.

Going forward, things don’t get easier.  Next up is the 8-0 Falcons at home.  This has to be a must win game.  To take the Falcons undefeated record away would be huge in the confidence of this team going forward.

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