Peyton Out Duels Brees


Photo by: Tom Croke/Icon SMI

This was a similar game than any other we have seen this season.  The only difference was that Drew Brees didn’t perform up to par in this one.  He played his most poor game all season, completing just over half of his passes for 213 yards and 2 scores to go along with a pick.  The stats don’t look horrible, but a lot happened in garbage time.  The score was 34-7 with just over 5 minutes left in the game, and Brees tacked on a TD late in the 4th.

Even if Brees was playing his best, it may not have been enough anyways.  Peyton Manning and the rest of the Broncos offense could not be slowed down.  Manning had 3 scores and 305 yards and looked near his best that he has ever been.  That is impressive considering what he has come back from, but everyone has scolded the New Orleans defense.  The rushing game played almost just as well.  Willis McGahee had 122 yards rushing and added 86.  All in all, the Broncos had over 500 yards of total offense in a truly dominant display.

I thought the Saints might be making a turnaround after winning their last two, but I also knew Brees would have to be near perfect to win games this season.  with an elite offense facing their defense, he couldn’t make a single mistake.  He couldn’t get it going against the Broncos, and it doesn’t look good going forward.  The Saints can beat some of the lower level teams in the NFL, but they have some very tough games going forward.  They sit at 2-5 now, and have Atlanta twice, New York on the road, and San Fran at home later this season.  They can’t afford to lose many more games this season, and just two more may completely take them out of contention this season.  Next up is a team that have several problems also in the Eagles.  It may be the start of the Nick Foles era, which could mean some more mistakes for Philly.  Needless to say, this is a must win for the Saints.

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