Moore Out for Sunday; Payton to Attend

Sean Payton is slated to be in attendance for Sundays game against the Chargers.  This is basically a non-story since he won’t have any impact what so ever.  He is just there for Drew Brees who is likely to break the consecutive games with a TD record requested Payton attend, and the commish obliged.  No big deal, but of course people will run with the story.

The bigger news is that Lance Moore is ruled out for the contest.  Henderson and Colston are both healthy, so it only makes sense that Moore would miss a game.  Greg Camarillo was resigned for depth, but isn’t likely to be a factor on offense.  Luckily for the Saints, offense hasn’t been their problem.  This won’t be the reason they lose a game, most likely, as Drew Brees is incredible and has plenty of weapons.

In other news, the Chargers are still uncommitted on their starting RB.  Basically that tells us that they are likely to ride the hot hand.  Both Battle and Mathews figure to get a handful of carries.  The good news here is that the talented Mathews isn’t running away with the job.  The more the borderline talent Battle sees the field, likely the better it is for the Saints.  It may not matter though, New Orleans defense has struggled to stop anyone.

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