Saints vs. Packers

Both teams have struggled to win ball games this year, but something has to give in this game. The Packers are coming off a devastating loss, that likely should have been a win. I’m sure everyone has seen the replays, but the refs are back so ideally that shouldn’t happen anymore. The Saints have had almost no good news for months now, ever since losing in the playoffs at the end of last season. They could really use this road win to jump start the season. It won’t come easy though.

The Saints defense does not match up favorably with the Packers. Then again, the Saints defense doesn’t really match up favorably with anyone. The Seahawks did expose the Pack’s offensive line last week, so Spags may have a few more blitz packages this week. When it comes down to it though, the Saints will have to win this game on with their offense. Drew Brees will have to out duel Aaron Rodgers to win this game.

The game is at 4:25 in Green Bay at Lameau Field.

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