Saints Need Help on Offense and Defense in Week 4

This has been a very bad year for the Drew Brees led New Orleans Saints.  With all the controversy that surrounds them right now, they will surely need a big win in week 4 against a Green Bay Packers team that is angry and hungry for a victory after having one seemingly stolen from them this past Monday.  If Brees can come up with a new game plan on offense and the defense can fix some key secondary problems, the Saints really do have a chance of winning this week’s game, if not covering the +7.5 points the NFL odds has them at in Green Bay.

Brees simply must find a way to rack up more points this week if he wants his team to be successful.  Sure, he still gets the ball down the field, but he will need to do it more frequently and effectively in week 4.  He has to realize that his defense is in big trouble and every point possible is need to best this explosive Packers team.

Speaking of the Saints defense, they need to figure something out if they do not want to get embarrassed again this week.  If they let the Chiefs defense walk all over them like they did in week 3, there’s no telling what the Packers will do this coming week.  Add to that the fact that the Packers are angry about the call at the end of the game on Monday, and you are looking at a dangerous mix for the Saints D.  They must work on their secondary situation this week if they want to stand a chance against the Pack.  If not, Aaron Rodgers will certainly be moving the ball down the field all day long.

Getting things together needs to happen really soon if this Saints team wishes to make the playoffs.  By utilizing Brees and their defense in the right way this Sunday, they could gain a victory against the Packers and start a long road to the post season.

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