Saints Need a Win Badly in Week 4

Boy what a year makes.  At this time in 2011, many were already saying the New Orleans Saints looked like a Super Bowl team in the making.  This year, however, they have struggled at every turn and let subpar teams walk all over them.  They have already lost to the Redskins, Panthers and Chiefs this season and will surely be taken down by the Packers in week 4 if they cannot find a way to win without Sean Payton.

As much as Drew Brees likes to think he can coach this struggling Saints team, he simply cannot.  As one of the best quarterbacks in the league, he needs to focus on his own business and make sure his team puts points on the board.  They will need to score a ton this Sunday in Green Bay if they wish to have a chance against Aaron Rodgers and the Packers.  Brees has been solid at his position this season, but needs to put up a little bit more if this team wishes to start winning games.  They are, after all, an offensively based team.

The way Brees can start scoring more going forward is to open up New Orleans run game.  They have three amazing backs in Darren Sproles, Mark Ingram and Pierre Thomas, so it would be wise to get the most out of them as they can.  These backs can open up big yardage gains as well as sneak in for some short yard touchdowns.  By confusing the Packers defense, they will be given more opportunities to get the ball into the air later in the game.  This will surely give Brees the motivation he needs to bomb the ball out to Marques Colston or Jimmy Graham.

At +7.5 this week against The Packers, the Saints can lose by a touchdown and still be one of the winning NFL picks for the week.  Keep this in mind while you are betting this week.

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