New Orleans Facing Must Win Against Chiefs

To say that the New Orleans Saints are going to have to find a way to win on Sunday against the Kansas City Chiefs. New Orleans is a 9 ½ -point favorite for NFL odds against the Chiefs, the biggest favorite of the Week 3 rotation schedule, and if it doesn’t get this one, the season might be over with.

The Saints are actually already a game behind the field in the entire NFC, as they are the only team that has yet to win a game this year in the conference. The defense has allowed 75 points in two games, tied for most in the league, and the team has forced exactly one turnover.

Drew Brees is doing what he can, but he is clearly pressing with the weight of the world of this team on his shoulders. Brees is only completing 54.5 percent of his passes, but if you were to prorate his stats over a full season, he would be throwing the ball over 800 times. New Orleans has thrown the pigskin 101 times and ran it 37 in two games, and Darren Sproles hasn’t even had a single carry yet in spite of the fact that he leads the team in receiver with 18 receptions and 163 yards.

This just isn’t going to cut it to say the least. The suspension to interim coach Joe Vitt still has six games left to it, and Sean Payton won’t be around for the whole year. It has to pain him to watch how badly his team has played.

One would think that, as nearly double-digit favorites, the Saints would be able to march on to their first victory of the season against the Chiefs this week. However, the scariest part about this 0-2 start is that the two losses both came against teams that didn’t even finish .500 a campaign ago. It is when those games start to show up on the schedule that we will see just how much character these Saints have.

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