Saints’ Drew Brees holds out for favorable long term contract

The New Orleans Saints’ Drew Brees has refused to sign a franchise tag and participate in training camp as long as the team does not agree to his negotiated long-term contract. As the July 16th deadline draws closer negotiations are in high gear for NFL teams and Drew Brees is just one more player who has joined a group of tagged franchise players who refuse to show up at training camp pending a long-term contractual agreement with their teams.
Brees is reportedly negotiating a $20.5 million per year five year deal and the Saints’ counter offer is a $19.25 million per year contract. If the Saints do not come to a contractual agreement with Brees before the July 16 deadline both parties will have to wait till the end of the season to return to the negotiating table. This will make Brees an unrestricted free agent next year and his earnings in the open market could be as high as $20 million per year and another team may get into the fray and increase the players cost.
Brees and his agent Tim Condon are only doing due diligence to ensure that the player who has been considered underpaid through his career. This is a waiting game that will either end in Brees playing under a one year deal without a long term contract or make him the highest paid player in NFL history if he and Tom Condon have their way.

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