Saints vs Jags

The Saints travel to Jacksonville to face the 1-2 Jags in a game where WR Marques Colston returns from a broken collarbone. Already heavy favorites, the addition of the teams best reciever should make this game into a blowout. Drew Brees has been on his game so far this year, and the Jags defense is lacking in the secondary. Watch for Brees to shred Jacksonville for over 400 yards. On the flip side, the Saints may be without 2 key O-line men as Zach Streif and Olin Kreutz are both questionable. The Saints need to make sure they make Brees feel comfortable.

On defense New Orleans should come out agressively against rookie QB Blaine Gabbert and blitz him into the stone age. This could be a game of many turnovers for the youngster, as D coodinator Greg Williams knows how to terrorize a QB. If the Saints play at their usual level this game should be a walk through.I see a 35-10 victory for New Orleans.

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